App Guide for Parents

A guide to popular apps, websites, and social media that kids are using

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Not safe for kids under 18
FuboTV is a popular television and film streaming app. As is typical of streaming sites, it is as dangerous as you make it; there is both content that is appropriate as well as inappropriate.

Marco Polo

Safe for most kids
Marco Polo is a video-messaging app geared towards helping friends and family groups stay in contact. It operates similar to texting or email, but by exchanging videos with people whose contact info you already have.
Social Networking
Photo & Video


Not safe for kids under 18
Honeygain allows users to make passive income online by sharing their internet connection. The app accesses a user’s IP address and, according to its website, uses that connection to “provide third-party businesses with stable connectivity for a number of initiatives.” Honeygain’s website goes out of its way to assure users that its operations are safe and above-board. However, it releases little-to-no data about which companies are using the data connections that users sell or what kind of business is being conducted.

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