Proceed with caution
Facebook is a feature-heavy social media platform that allows users to create a personal profile page and share images, articles, and other content publicly or privately within their circle of connected friends.
Social Networking

In-depth breakdown

Minimum Age Requirement
Messaging Capabillities
Users can comment publicly on each other’s posts and may also encounter strangers on comment threads in public posts and groups. Direct messaging is also a prominent feature (See Facebook Messenger).
Location Sharing
Location sharing on posts is enabled, but users may opt out by adjusting their settings.
Parental Controls
There are no external parental controls built into the app. However, privacy settings can be adjusted to fit what users are comfortable sharing, and with whom they are comfortable sharing it.
Like many social apps, Facebook can be relatively safe or extremely dangerous depending on how it is used. Always ensure teens know how to block other users and understand the importance of privacy settings.