Proceed with caution
Patreon is a platform that lets users financially support the content creators they like through a monthly subscription format. Creators typically offer special rewards like exclusive content for certain tiers of financial contribution.

In-depth breakdown

Minimum Age Requirement
Users must be 13 years old to create an account. Children ages 13-17 may view publicly posted content, but in order to support a creator as a patron, or to set up a creator account, users must be 18 years old or older. Children can set up creator accounts before age 18 with parent or guardian permission.
Messaging Capabillities
Patreon allows users to post public comments or send messages to creators that they support financially.
Location Sharing
No public location sharing.
Parental Controls
None, though Apple or Android parental controls can be used at the device level.
Patreon is not intended for use by children. Younger teens can view content that is posted publicly by creators, but are restricted from becoming patrons until they are adults. Children will likely be better off interacting with content creators through other platforms.