Not safe for kids under 18
Bumble is primarily a dating app where users can upload and browse profile pictures and bio descriptions. If two users “match”, they can directly message one another. Sexual/Mature content is likely.

In-depth breakdown

Minimum Age Requirement
Messaging Capabillities
After users “match” by both approving of the others’ profile/bio, they can send direct messages, along with voice and video calling.
Location Sharing
Location is used to connect users within a certain radius and cannot be turned off while using the app. There is a “snooze mode” to temporarily disable location tracking.
Parental Controls
None, though Apple and Android parental controls could be used at the device level.
Bumble is structured so women initiate first contact; men are unable to reach out until they have first been messaged. The app recently initiated two additional app modes: one for making friends and one for business contacts.