Proceed with caution
Twitch is a live streaming app which allows users to watch and interact with popular gamers or other hobbyists around the world via real-time videos and public chat features. Users can also publicly post their own gameplay and webcam footage live.
Photo & Video

In-depth breakdown

Minimum Age Requirement
13+ with adult supervision or 18+
Messaging Capabillities
Users can type comments in a public chat room-style feed associated with each stream. Users can also send streamers monetary gifts and privately message one another.
Location Sharing
No public location sharing.
Parental Controls
There are some privacy setting options such as blocking “whispers” (direct messages) from other users and filtering chat to block crude or insulting words.
There is a wide variety of content available on Twitch. Pornographic content is against Twitch guidelines, but the nature of livestreaming means Twitch streams are unfiltered and may contain mature content.