Proceed with caution
GroupMe is an app affiliated with Skype which allows users to set up group chats using their friends’ phone numbers or email addresses. Although the stated purpose of the app is creating group messages with people you know, users can be added by their friends to larger group chats which could include strangers. Within the app, users text one another and share videos, memes, and images.
Social Networking

In-depth breakdown

Minimum Age Requirement
Messaging Capabillities
Allows group messages, SMS messaging, GIF, video, photo sharing, and Skype video chatting
Location Sharing
GroupMe allows users to share location data with their groups
Parental Controls
No internal parental filters or controls, but can be monitored by third-party software. Apple or Android parental controls can be used at the device level.
Like any type of group messaging, GroupMe is a potential setting for bullying. Phone numbers and email addresses are hidden from people who aren’t on users’ contacts list, but names and profile pictures are public. GroupMe also includes GIF, meme, and video search features via unfiltered internet access, so it is possible for kids to find explicit content.