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Tuesday, October 18, 2022
6 - 8 p.m.
Show Barn at Thanksgiving Point
Lehi, Utah

Join us for an evening designed to educate and empower parents to confidently approach technology with their children in this digital age. Our lineup includes expert speakers from multiple disciplines addressing the topics you care about most: mental health, screen time balance, cyberbullying, and more. Don’t miss out on the most relevant parenting event of the year!

The parenting event of The Year

Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships

Research confirms that the most important thing parents can do to protect their children against risky online behavior is to strengthen their relationships with their children.

Managing Screen Time Balance

Explore creative ways to balance the digital diet your child is consuming with the many valuable real-world experiences of childhood.

Navigating Inappropriate Content

Consider a variety of ways to help protect and filter out what you don’t want your child to see—and equally important, how to help prepare them for when they do encounter inappropriate content.

Confronting Cyberbullying

Learn how to protect your child from cyberbullying and what to do if you notice signs of aggression in your child towards others.

Protecting Against Online Predators

Recognize the warning signs of an online predator and what steps you can take to prevent your child from being targeted.

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What is Raise?

Raise is a free parenting app that helps families navigate the challenges of today’s digital landscape.

Frequently asked questions

What is Raise?

Raise is a free parenting resource that helps families navigate the evolving challenges of today’s digital landscape. The Raise app offers educational videos on different parenting and technology topics, goal tracking, and challenges to try out in your own home. You can download the app here.

What is the Raise Digital Safety Conference?

The Raise Digital Safety Conference brings experts together to educate parents on the crucial information they need to know in order to raise children who can thrive in a hyper-digitized world.

How can I bring the Raise Digital Safety Conference to my city?

If you think your community would benefit from a future Raise Digital Safety Conference, we’d love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts by emailing info@joinraise.com.

Can I bring my family to this event?

This event is primarily oriented towards parents, not children. However, children are welcome to attend with parents if you purchase a seat for them.

Who helped develop the curriculum for Raise?

Raise was created by Impact Suite and the Malouf Foundation. The curriculum was developed by a team of experts including family psychologists and law enforcement experts.

How do I become a Raise Ambassador?

Email info@joinraise.com if you’re interested in partnering with the Raise team.

What if I can't make the conference in person?

Great news! Click here to purchase access to the full conference video recording.